Why Fantastapack®


What would you prefer to receive — a plain, brown box or a colorful, well-designed branded shipping box? While both might serve the same function, the branded shipping box will leave a lasting impression.

Delivering a custom printed shipping box elevates the packaging experience when your product arrives at your customer’s door. This packaging experience can heavily influence brand loyalty and can make the difference between a returning customer and a one-time buyer. This is why it’s important to choose the right shipping box style that protects your product and delights your customer.


When it comes to packaging, both custom design and custom sizing matter.

Creating an experience for your customers when receiving and opening their box is something all companies should strive for. Nobody remembers a plain, boring box. We give users the freedom to create their own experience through custom design of their box. Dream it up and you can design it on a box!

Custom sizing may seem like the less exciting custom option, but it is the one that can really make or break your business if done incorrectly. Have you ever received a product in the mail and the box it came in just does not fit properly? Making sure you can create a box that is exactly the right length, width and depth for your business means better product protection during shipping, increasing customer satisfaction upon delivery and reducing your shipping costs overall.



Our parent company, The BoxMaker, is the leader in packaging innovation and has been serving the Pacific Northwest for 40 years. They recognized six years ago that there was an entire group of packaging customers being underserved by the status quo and thus Fantastapack was born. With those 40 years of industry knowledge and a team of packaging professionals leading the charge, Fantastapack launched into the digital printing space in 2015 as one of the first web-to-print online retailers of custom packaging. All of our orders are custom made from start to finish in our own local manufacturing plants, no having to deal with outsourcing to manufacturers, we do everything in house! 


We make it easy to find and order the exact box you need. Choose from one of our 38 fully customizable products where you can enter custom sizing, select material and print options and quantitates as low as 1 all from the product page - no need to speak with a sales representative!

Our ASAP Mailer Collection is a game-changing mailer style for efficient ecommerce shipping. It features multiple self-sealing tape strip options, which is the style of choice for brands looking to reduce labor and material costs without the need for additional glue, tape, or staples. The built-in tear strip supports easy access by your end-user and can also offer a built-in return option with an added second strip of tape. Quick and easy to assemble! 


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