Missing Dieline

Thank you for choosing Fantastapack®!

The file that you uploaded is missing the structural dieline.

In order to ensure your custom packaging cuts correctly, it is very important that the structural dieline you downloaded is included as part of the print file.

The structural drawing that you downloaded will contain several Spot Colors in the Swatch menu. These colors are used to tell the die cutter what is supposed to happen to those lines.

The “Cut” color tells the die cutter that those are to be cut lines and the “Crease” lines tell it that those are to be scored or creased for folding. These lines, and their spot colors, must all remain intact and cannot be moved, altered or renamed. It is best to have these lines on their own locked layer on top of the art.

Layers Window:


Structural Dieline:

Structural Dieline


Swatches Window:

Swatches Window


Please add the structural dieline to your artwork and re-upload.

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