Low Resolution

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There are low-resolution images in your print file. In order to provide the best quality print, images need to have a minimum resolution of 150 DPI at 100% scale.

DPI stands for “dots per inch.” This is the measurement printing companies use to measure the sharpness of an image. Photos or images used for online or web graphics can be at low resolution (72 DPI), and will look fabulous on a computer screen, but very pixelated when printed.

For digital printing purposes, images should be 150 DPI or higher. The images below demonstrate how a printing press will translate a low-resolution image.

Low Resolution

If the resolution of an image is too low, this can result in a loss of sharpness, a “pixelated” look, and straight lines will have a “staircase” effect.

Online stock photo sites are a great resource for high DPI, royalty-free images at reasonable prices. Here are some of our favorites:




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