Ink Saturation

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There are elements in your print file with ink coverage over 280%.

Too much ink in any one area can lead to printing and drying issues, which affect everything from how quickly your project can be printed, to possible issues in the cutting and finishing processes. Too much ink saturation can lead to other problems like ink smearing and smudging.

For instance, black elements built using 100% black, 100% cyan, 100% magenta, and 100% yellow have ink coverage of 400% which will not cure properly and result in quality and production issues. Using a color build of 100% black, 30% cyan, 30% magenta and 30% yellow, you end up with a similar result without the print issues.

By controlling your total area coverage, you can ensure the best possible results from your photos and graphics. You will also run into fewer color shifts, delays due to drying time, and possible quality issues during the finishing process.

Art Studio is not available for your screen size.

Art Studio is not available for your screen size. Place an order by clicking ADD TO CART, a dieline will be emailed to you to design offline. You can upload it to your order after checkout. To customize your box online with Art Studio, please place an order from a desktop browser.

Limited Functionality on Safari Browser

We detected you are using the Safari browser. In order to get the best performance from our Art Studio(free online art editing tool) we recommend using any other browser.

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