Art Guidelines

Getting Started

+ What are my options for creating custom artwork for my Fantastapack order?

For box orders, Fantastapack offers two options to create your custom artwork:

  1. Art Studio
    Fantastapack Art Studio is a brand-new tool for Fantastapack customers designed to simplify your packaging design process. Art Studio enables you to build your own custom artwork online as part of your packaging purchase process. You can learn more about how to use Art Studio by reading our FAQ section below, or downloading our support document here.
  2. Adobe Illustrator/Professional Designer

If you would prefer to engage a professional designer to create your custom box artwork or do it yourself, you (or your designer) can place your artwork onto your Fantastapack dieline using Adobe Illustrator. Your dieline is emailed to you once you place your order. You can learn more about using Adobe Illustrator to create your custom artwork by watching our video here, or reading our FAQ section below.

For label orders, you will need to use Adobe Illustrator or a professional designer at this time.


Where can I find a professional designer to work with?

If you need professional graphic design help, we recommend visiting,, or Design Crowd. They can offer custom graphic design to suit your needs and budget.

Art Studio: Online Editor

Available for custom boxes only. Internet Explorer does not support Art Studio and some functionalities, including our new pattern designs, are not available with Safari. Art Studio is not available on your mobile: minimum screen size is 1200px wide.

+ How do I use Art Studio to add custom artwork to my box?

To access Art Studio, simply choose from one of our custom box styles. Once you select a box style, enter your quantity and box dimensions, and select your box material (don’t worry - you can edit these later if you need to!). Once these details are entered, click the grey START DESIGNING button to launch Art Studio. You can read step-by-step instructions for using Art Studio to create custom graphics for your box here.


What products can I use Art Studio to create graphics for?

Art Studio is currently available to create custom graphics for box orders that require printing on the outside and/or inside of your box. Art Studio is not available for custom label orders at this time.

Working With Your Dieline

For those using Adobe Illustrator or working with a professional designer.


I have my dieline - now what?

Our dielines are designed to work best with Adobe Illustrator. If you do not have access to this software program, you will need to purchase a license or work with a professional designer to create your custom artwork and apply it to your Fantastapack dieline.


How do I use Adobe Illustrator to apply custom graphics to my dieline?

Please read through our step-by-step guide to using Adobe Illustrator to apply graphics to your custom dieline.

You can watch our overview video here.

Best Practices & Graphics Checklist

For those using Adobe Illustrator or working with a professional designer. 


Do Not Rotate the Structural Drawing

The unique structural template (CAD Dieline) we send you to build your art has been designed to flow through our system smoothly and accurately. It is very important that this template not be altered or rotated. The printed art is cut out based on the original template orientation. Rotating the dieline in your artwork may yield unintended results.


Preserve the Dieline Layer in Your File

To ensure your custom packaging cuts correctly, it is very important that the unique structural dieline we send you is included as part of the print file. The structural drawing will contain Spot Colors for the cut and crease lines in the Swatch menu. These colors are used to tell the cutting and creasing machines how to convert your unique product. Do not delete or convert the spot colors into CMYK, and do not delete the dieline layer.

+Add Your Custom Artwork to a New Layer

Within Adobe Illustrator, create a new layer either above or below your dieline layer to add your custom artwork to. All artwork added to this layer should be CMYK (no Pantone or spot colors).

+Black Ink Saturation

Too much ink in any one area can lead to printing and drying issues, which affect everything from how quickly your project can be printed, to possible issues in the cutting and finishing processes. Too much ink saturation can lead to other problems like ink smearing and smudging.

For instance, black elements built using 100% Black, 100% Cyan, 100% Magenta and 100% Yellow have ink coverage of 400% which will not cure properly and result in quality and production issues. Using a color build of 100% Black, 30% Cyan, 30% Magenta and 30% Yellow, you end up with a similar result without the print issues.

+Rich Black

If your art includes black, we recommend it's built as a rich black with 30 cyan (C), 30 magenta (M), 30 yellow(Y) and 100 black (K). For best results, include a .5pt stroke of 100% black (K) to avoid print overspray.


Color Settings & Pantone

All artwork should be converted to CMYK. Please convert any RGB colors and images to avoid unexpected color shifting. All Pantone (PMS) colors should be converted to CMYK. Pantone and spot colors are not supported.


Fonts and Type

We recommend using size 10 and larger for fonts, and using a heavier weight for text that is reversed-out. All type should be outlined in your final artwork file. Fonts below 10 point may not print legibly, especially if a font is thin (or features of a font are thin, like serifs or cross bars). When reversing type, use one weight heavier than the weight you intended to use. Avoid specifying small trademark and register mark symbols to print in reverse, as they may fill in when printed.


Convert All Text to Outlines

To ensure your custom packaging prints correctly, we require that all fonts be converted to outlines.

+Artwork Bleed

Final artwork files must maintain a minimum bleed of .125” (1⁄8th-inch) on all edges and into glue flap.

+Safe Area

Margins, rule outlines, or copy that does not bleed needs to be no less than .125” (1⁄8th-inch) away from dieline and scores.


UPC-A type barcodes need to be at least 150% size (approx. 2.2” wide). In order to scan properly, the height of the bars is not as much of a concern, but we recommend them to be at least .5” (1⁄2-inch) tall.

+Image Resolution

Check image resolution to provide the best quality print. If images are at a resolution of 150 dpi or lower at 100% scale this can result in a loss of sharpness and "pixelated" look. Straight lines will have a "staircase" effect.

For best results, all artwork and image resolution should be no less than 300 dpi.


Placed Images

All images should be embedded into your artwork file PDF. Make sure placed images have the correct file extensions: ".tiff" or ".eps" at the end (e.g.,"Image.tiff" or "Image.eps"). Include only the page layout documents and the supporting files required for your project. Place graphics at 100%. Any graphics placed less than 100% takes longer to output and may require additional prepress time. Placed images and artwork should be in the CMYK color space.

+How do I set up my dieline for two-sided printing?

If you have placed an order for two-sided printing, when you receive your dieline:

  1. Open your dieline file in Adobe Illustrator
  2. Unlock the dieline layer
  3. Duplicate your artboard, including the dieline layer, so that you have two artboards with dielines
  4. Lock your dieline layer and create a new layer to insert your artwork for both sides of your box

Please note that Artboard 1 will print as the OUTSIDE of your box, and Artboard 2 will print as the INSIDE of your box.

Submitting Your Artwork

For those using Adobe Illustrator or working with a professional designer.

+ What file formats does Fantastapack accept?

Fantastapack accepts only PDF files. It is best to use a vector-based software application such as Adobe Illustrator for building art files, and saving/exporting your native file in PDF format before uploading to Fantastapack.


How do I submit my PDF file to Fantastapack for my custom box or label order?

Log in to your customer account on by clicking the “Log In” link at the top of our website. Once you sign in, you will be directed to your Account Details page, which includes your Order History. Click on the Order Number (FP-XXXX) that you wish to submit artwork for; you will be taken to the details page for that order. At the top of the page, click on the product that you have created artwork for and select “Upload Art.” Add your file, and select “Confirm.” If there are no technical errors with your file, your order will go straight into production!